A Busy Time for Federal Council Delegates

Federal Council delegates had a very busy time at the recent Federal Council Annual General meeting with many and varied issues up for discussion.

Some of their decisions include:

From January 1, 2012, all male calves being registered must be DNA tested at the breeder’s expense which is around $40.

A discussion forum is going to be set up to set five, ten and twenty year goals and directions for the breed to make it a long term alternative breed in the dairy industry.

All animals registered in the supplementary register will now be given their true Illawarra blood percentage on their registration certificate.

The showing policy will remain as is until January 1, 2014 when only animals in the registered section and current herd book and X and Y sections whose Sire and Dam are also registered by the ICSA (and animals sired by a Sire of a breed which has full herd book status with the ICSA) will be eligible to be shown.  However, from January 1, 2015 animals will need to have an Illawarra blood percentage of 37.5% for showing purposes.

A Code of Ethics was also adopted which also covers photo competitions where the touching up of photos is discouraged.

A sub-committee is to look at the updating the Memorandum and Articles of Association over the next twelve months and the Classification and IDP Committees were elected for a minimum two year term with half of each committee’s members retiring annually.

Members may like to save some money when registering animals and take the new option of recording their animals for the cost of $9.90 per animal, rather than pay full registration fees.  In this case a registration certificate is not issued but if required at a later date, can be issued by the Livestock and Business Centre for a small fee.

Congratulations to David Henry on being re-elected as Federal President.  Geoff Cochrane was appointed Senior Vice President and Warren Doecke Junior Vice.  Lloyd Peters was elected as Treasurer.  An updated list of committee members is now available under The Society/Federal Committees.

Congratulations also to Daniel Cochrane who was appointed to the Royal Panel of Judges.

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