The results of the Agri-Gene Real Australian Photo Competition have now been published in the CrazyCow In Print magazine, vol 63, June-August 2019.

Photos were taken in 2018 and judged by Max Hyland, the 2019 IDW Illawarra Judge.

1st   A   RUBYVALE PB DUCHESS – R & K Bailey, Victoria
2nd   F   LLANDOVERY FOREMANS EMMA 1906 – T & E Hayes, Victoria
3rd   B   LLANDOVERY ROYAL QUEENETTE 2 – T & E Hayes, Victoria
4th Three Creeks Redgum Honeymoon – J & B Evans, Vic
5th Three Creeks Elmo Verbena – J & B Evans, Vic
6th Lemon Grove Honeymoon 50 – Sophie Chittick, Vic

Real Aust Photo Comp 18 Dry Heifer

Judge’s comments:
An outstanding class of young heifers. I have gone with heifer A because her overall length and balance sets her apart from the other heifers in the class. Heifer F ‘s rib angle and cleanness through the front puts her over heifer B. Heifer B is ahead of the 4th placed heifer because of her length of rump.

TWO TO THREE YEARS IN MILK (born 2015-2016)
1st   E   GLENBROOK SILKY 9 – I & J Mueller, Sth Australia
2nd   F   GLENBROOK BELLE 63 – I & J Mueller, Sth Australia
3rd   B   EACHAM VALE PRECIOUS 7 – G & B English, Queensland
4th Tara Panda 13 – M & G Henry, Qld
5th Llandovery Ikar Stella 1515 – T & E Hayes, Vic
6th Llandovery BM Pearl 1611 – T & E Hayes, Vic

Real Aust Photo Comp 18 2 3yrs

Judge’s comments:
Not an easy class to place, but the first two cows are very even. What you say about one, you can say about the other. Both are upstanding, open-framed dairy cows with great feet and legs, good udders and strong top lines, with cow E showing a little more maturity and more snugness of fore udder. The 2nd placed young cow (F) appears to be the baby of the class and she places over cow B because of her style and dairyness. Placing B over 4th showing more height of rear udder and a little more dairy strength.

FOUR TO FIVE YEARS IN MILK (born 2013-2014)
1st   D   MYRTLEHOLME LEMON EMPRESS 60 – J P Bourke & Co, Queensland
2nd   B   GLENBROOK VENUS 29 – I & J Mueller, Sth Australia
3rd   C   MYRTLEHOLME EMPRESS 60 – J P Bourke & Co, Qld
4th Ovensdale Rose 182 – Henry & Bourke, Qld
5th Wallumlands Sunstorm 10 – Tidcombe & Ferguson, Vic
6th Eacham Vale Joan 10 – G & B English, Qld

Real Aust Photo Comp 4 5yrs

Judge’s comments:
Cow D is a great capacity young cow with outstanding mammary system and its that capacity and udder balance that places her over B. B is a long, well balanced cow showing more angularity and height in that rear udder than C. Placing C over the 4th placed cow because of her better balance of udder.

SIX TO SEVEN YEARS IN MILK (born 2011-2012)
1st   F   LLANDOVERY JR JOAN 982 – C Rapley (NZ) & G Gordon (Vic)
2nd   E   VENVALE THELMA 121 – M & G Henry, Queensland
3rd   A   BRAELEE BP DAIRYMAID 2 – I & J Mueller, Sth Australia
4th Tara Dahlia 15 – M & G Henry, Qld
5th Riversleigh Alston Madeline – M Tuhan & D Patterson, Vic
6th Llandovery Blush’s Jinny 1158 – James Breen, Vic

Real Aust Photo Comp 6 7yrs

Judge’s comments:
Cow F is a long, stretchy cow with an excellent udder. A clear winner in this class. It’s the dairyness, and udder width and capacity, that places cow E over A. Cow A is a big powerful dairy cow with great width of chest and its that width and power that places her over the 4th placed cow.

1st   D   LLANDOVERY JA-BOB STELLA 822 – T & E Hayes, Victoria
2nd   C   LLANDOVERY ABSOLUTE’S TOPSY 905 – T & E Hayes, Victoria
3rd   B   SUNNY VIEW DUCHESS – D & H Phillips, Queensland
4th Sheringham Petition Wanda – Lucas Family, NSW

Real Aust Photo Comp 18 Aged

Judge’s comments:
Cow D is a clear open-framed dairy cow with an excellent mammary system and great feet and legs. She had production written all over her and is a clear winner in this class. Cow C is another good aged cow with a very good udder and its that udder and attachment both fore and rear that places her over B. Cow B places over the 4th placed cow because of her body depth and capacity as well as her open dairy frame.

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