South Australia's Central Illawarra Cattle Club held its 2019 Calf day at the property of Ian and Julie Mueller, Glenbrook Stud, Murray Bridge.  Bec Walmsley adjudicated and following judging passed on her knowledge to the junior handlers on parading and judging.

Congratulations to all the handlers:
Back: Serenity Carson,Rupert Gazzola, Prudence Gazzola (hidden), Riley Walton, Max Miegel, Cooper Walton, Tom Follett, Finn Sullivan Llewellyn,Lily Miegel
Front: Indee Carson, Hannah Lewis, Jackie Davies, Ruby Sullivan Llewellyn, Levi Llewellyn, Sarscha McDougall, Alecia Bormann
SA Calf Day 19 Leaders Group

Class 1 Junior Handler under 10 years of age
1st Sarscha McDougall
2nd Renae Mueller

Class 2 Junior handler 10 years and under 14 years of age
1st Lily Miegel
2nd Finn Sullivan-Llewellyn
3rd Levi Llewelyn

Class 3 Junior Handler 14 years and under 20 years of age
1st Jackie Davies
2nd Thomas Follett
3rd Cooper Walton

Champion Handler - Jackie Davies - pic below.
Reserve Champion Handler - Lily Meigel
SA Calf Day 19 Res Champ Handler

Class 4 Heifer Born since January 2019
1st Springvale Enterprises - Springvale Boelle 21 11/01/2019, S. Three Creek Redgum, D. Springvale Boelle 14
2nd Cooper Walton - Woodlane Jesulenko You Beauty 2nd 19/02/2019, S. Blackwood Park Butternut, D. Blackwood Park Beauty 88th
3rd Il & JA Mueller - Glenbrook Rose 14 22/03/2019, S. Ovensdale Pixies Lord, D Ovensdale Rose 148

Class 5 Heifer Born November or December 2018
1st IL & JA Mueller - Glenbrook Graceful 51 17/11/2018, S Llandovery W B S Quincy, D Glenbrook Graceful 37
2nd MJ & LG Miegel - Linday View Gracie 7/11/2018, S. Llandovery W B S Quincy, D. Glenbrook Gracie 15
3rd Springvale Enterprises - Springvale Honeymoon 100 7/11/2018, S Kangawarra Bunyip, D Springvale Honeymoon 66

Class 6 Heifer born September or October 2018
1st Springvale Enterprises - Springvale Honeymoon 99 12/10/2018, S St Andrews Alliance, D Springvale Honeymoon 64
2nd IL & JA Mueller - Glenbrook Minnete 13 9/09/2018, S Llandovery W B S Quincy, D Glenbrook Minnette 9

Junior Champion Heifer - Glenbrook Graceful 51 - IL & JA Mueller
Reserve Junior Champion Heifer - Springvale Boelle - Springvale Enterprises
SA Calf Day 19 Jnr Champ Snr Champ

Class 7 Heifer born July or August 2018
1st Jackie Davies - Glenbrook Rhapsody 64 13/07/2018, S Glenbrook General, D Glenbrook Rhapsody 37
2nd Il & JA Mueller - Glenbrook Virgin 35 16/07/2018, S Llandovery W B S Quincey, D Glenbrook Virgin 32
3rd Springvale Enterprises – Springvale Thelma 82 10/7/2018, S Llandovery Echo, D Springvale Thelma 69

Class 8 Heifer born April, May or June 2018
1st IL & JA Mueller – Glenbrook Sunstorm 20 14/4/2018, S Glenbrook General, D Glenbrook Sunstorm 14

Class 9 Heifer born January, February or March 2018
1st Rupert Gazzola – Glenbrook Tiddlewinks 28 5/1/2018, S Llandovery Stell’s Secret, D Glenbrook Tiddlewinks 15
2nd Il & JA Mueller – Glenbrook Queenette 18 3/1/2018, S Glenbrook General, D Glenbrook Queenette 5

Senior Champion Heifer - Glenbrook Rhapsody 64 - Jackie Davies
Reserve Senior Champion - Glenbrook Sunstorm 20 - IL & JA Mueller

Supreme Champion Heifer - Jackie Davies (Champion Handler) - Glenbrook Rhapsody 64
SA Calf Day 19 Sup Champ Champ Handler


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