The Production Committee spokesman, Brian Parker, has announced that there has been one new National Record broken this year and it involves all 3 senior yearling categories.

The young cow, Blackwood Park Buttercup 232, produced 11571 ltrs milk 371 kgs protein and 452 kgs fat.  Add to this the honor of Intermediate Champion from the 2014 Adelaide Royal and this makes her one of the best getting around at the moment.  She is sired by Verbs Viscount and her dam is BP Buttercup 225 who herself holds all J3 national records, the  J4 Milk and Butterfat records and the Mature Butterfat  and Protein records .Without a doubt this is Australia's Premier Production Family.

Breeders can also try BP Buttercup 232`s Maternal Brother Butternut available from Agri Gene.

Blackwood Park now hold 16 National Production Records from a possible 24.

The 2015 STP Awards show around the same number as 2014.  Brian Parker said that he contacted Holstein Australia and asked their representative to ensure all Illawarra breeders were asked for any STP cows on HFAA's spring tours.

Brian said he was thrilled that Robyn and Charles Lucas at Bega have just achieved their first STP cow who had to do 9 lactations but they could not be any happier and they have another one coming soon.  So it's not only about big milking cows.

"It would be good to add a Victorian member to the committee," said Brian,  "as we have talked about establishing an annual top producers award and to have a contact from that state might help. It would be an addition to the committee not at anybody's expense."

ALL MEMBERS PLEASE CHECK YOUR ANNUAL PRODUCTION STATS. You might take a Blackwood Park record !!!!

A full list of Production Records is available under Production/Production Records.

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