The STP awards are a way to recognise the good old cows, it's for everyone to see, not just the people that attend shows. We all like to see cows give lots of milk, and that's the basis of the award along with a minimum type standard.

For a cow to be awarded a STP award, we look at both production and type of the cow. Once the cow has reached each of the following lifetime production levels, she can be classified, and with a minimum of VG85 for her udder, she will be recognised for her achievement. The udder score of VG85 eliminates any cows that have too deep an udder or have lost the centre ligament.

STP award- 50,000 Litres milk, 1875Kg Fat, 1600Kg Protein
STP Silver- 66,667 Litres milk, 2500Kg Fat, 2133Kg Protein
STP Gold- 83,333 Litres milk, 3125Kg Fat, 2667Kg Protein
STP Diamond- 100,000 Litres Milk, 3750kg Fat, 3200Kg Protein

Tom Cochrane (Reg Cochrane Pastoral) said it was interesting that only three of the Kangawarra cows have been to a show (2252, 2441, 2437) 2441 was champion cow at Sydney 2009. Three of these cows are by Kangawarra Sambo (2618, 2448, 2441). 2618 is the dam of KGSANDMAN. And 3 of these cows are by or their maternal grand sire is Fynaks, (2270, 2268, 2618). He also commented that Fynaks is by far the best European sire they have used.

None of Kangawarra's STP awarded cows are by Holstein Bulls.

Click on the following to see a list of the STP awards for 2015.

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