Several changes were introduced at the 2016 ICSA annual meetings, which breeders need to note.

In relation to the registration policy, there has been a change to bring it in line with the showing policy, with the change commencing on registrations lodged after December 1st, 2016.  To be registered in the Illawarra Herd Book, all female animals must contain 37.5% and above of Illawarra blood purity.  All animals with Illawarra blood purity of under 37.5% will be registered in a Supplementary Register and given their true Illawarra blood percentage on their registration certificate.  Animals registered in the Supplementary Register of the Society’s Herd Book are ineligible to be shown.

To register a bull, one parent must be registered in the ICSA Herd Book (Full or Supplementary) and the other parent either registered in the ICSA Herd Book or from the Roll of Approved Stock being Red Factor and Red & White Holsteins, Ayrshires, European Reds, Milking Shorthorns and ARB.

Dual registration of animals that are acceptable to the breed standards, has been approved.

As an incentive to breeders to classify daughters of IDP Committee approved bulls, members will receive a $5.00 refund for every selected IDP daughter registered as from January 1, 2017.  A credit will be given back to members annually.

The limitation of 37.5% on IDP approved bulls has been removed.

Members should also note that entries in the Real Australian Photo Competition will not be accepted unless photos are 7”x5” with the name and DOB of the animal clearly marked on the back.  Photos must be in the hands of a Photo Competition Committee member by the end of Illawarra judging at International Dairy Week.

Show Ethics was discussed by ICSA Federal Board members and it was decided that setting of teats will not be condoned.  The ICSA will be enforcing the show ethics rules and making spot checks on animals.

Members will be pleased to hear that ICSA fees remain the same.

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to all those who have taken on positions on the Federal Board and the various committees:

Federal President:    Warren Doecke (SA)
Senior Vice President:    Michael Henry (Qld)
Junior Vice President:    Paul Ringland (NSW)
Federal Treasurer:    Lloyd Peters (Qld)
LBC Director:        Paul Ringland (NSW)
LBC Alternate Director:    Geoff Cochrane (NSW)
IDW Illawarra Breed Arbitrator:    Laurie Chittick (Vic)
Photo Competition Committee:        Neville Mueller (SA), John Green (NSW), Laurie Chittick (Vic)
Classification Committee:  Paul Ringland (NSW), Raymond Parker (Vic), David Altmann (SA), Rob Newton (Vic), Keith Dorries (Qld).
Illawarra Development Committee (IDP):  Tony Hayes (Vic), Tom Cochrane (NSW), Brooke Evans (Vic), Shane Bourke (Qld), Ian Mueller (SA), Michael Tuhan (Vic), Matt Henry (Qld), Joel Dorries (NSW).
Production Committee:  Brian Parker (NSW), Tom Cochrane (NSW), Damien Doecke (SA), Raymond Parker (Vic).
Illawarra Youth Committee:  Neville Mueller (SA), Zoe Hayes (Vic), Doug Tuhan (Vic), Damien Doecke (SA), Sarah Tilburg (Vic), Rupert Gazzola (SA), Matt Henry (Qld), Erin Ferguson (Vic).

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