2019 Victorian On Farm Challenge

Thank you to judge Patrick Glass from Kerrick Park Holsteins, Gundowring for judging the 2019 Victorian Red Cow On Farm Challenge.

Pat Glass



Place    Owner  Cow  Sire 
 1st  J & B Evans 599 Jonty  ARBJonty
 2nd   B & R Warburton     Perfect  Glen Meadow Fabian
 3rd  A & V Hibberson Hibson Millman 3  MILLMAN
 4th  A & V Hibberson Hibson Meeson 5  ARBMEESON
 5th  R & A Heath   Amor Sandman Cocktail 4     KGSANDMAN
 6th  J Smith  Berry    GMFRANCOIS

  Class 1 599 Jonty B J Evans web

       Winner Commmercial Class: 599 Jonty

CLASS 2: 2 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born on or after 1/1/2017)

 Place    Owner Cow  Sire
 1st  Tuhan Family  Riversleigh Jedi Daisy 24   Glencliffe JP Jedi
 2nd  J & B Evans Three Creeks Millman Pearl MILLMAN
 3rd  R Barnes & C Trickey Ovensdale Beauty 458 O Pixie’s Scarlet
 4th  B & R Warburton Glen Meadow Jean 496  Glen Meadow Moses
 5th  J & B Evans Three Creeks Redgum Milly  Three Creeks Redgum
6th  J & B Evans    Three Creeks Elmo Verbena     Creighton Park Elmo
 7th  Hayes Family  Llandovery Quarnie Gloria Llandovery Quarnie
8th Tuhan Family    Riversleigh Hunt Flower 30 HUNT
9th Rachel & Anna Dickson    Ovensdale Pearl 560  HUNT
10th    R & K Bailey & T Fleming    Rubyvale PB Duchess PRIDESBUTTER

Class 2 Riversleigh Jedi Daisy 24 Tuhan Family Web

    Winner 2-year -old in milk class: Riversleigh Jedi Daisy 24  

 CLASS 3: 3 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2016 - 31/12/2016) 

Place      Owner Cow   Sire
 1st   G & A Meyland   Ovensdale Trinket 191   MITCHPRESS
 2nd Tuhan Family  Riversleigh Pixie Belle 22 ABSTREBLE
 3rd R & S Parker  Glencliffe Plum 855 Glencliffe Jayden
 4th A & V Hibberson   Hibson Sunrise 1   KGSUNRISE
 5th Hayes Family Llandovery Vipor Stella 1738  ABSVIPOR
 6th J Smith    Baromi Elliot Shirley           Baromi Zumba Elliot 
 7th    B & R Warburton       Glen Meadow Wallflower 652      Glen Meadow Daggo
8th T & D Gaut 627 Big Red  ARBJIM
9th J Smith    Baromi Francois Buttercup GMFRANCOIS
10th R & A Heath  Hazelmont Maxima April  ALTAMAXIMA

Class 3 Ovensdale Trinket 191 G A Meyland

Winner 3-year-old in milk class: Ovensdale Tricket 191

CLASS 4: 4 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2015 - 31/12/2015) 

 Place   Owner  Cow  Sire 
 1st  Tuhan Family   Riversleigh Tuck Dorris 5  Riversleigh Tuck
 2nd    Shepherd & Peterson      Llandovery Adventures Sandy 1583    Llandovery Adventure
 3rd  A & R Heath  Ovensdale Scarlet 356  O Pixies Scarlet
 4th  P & S Daniel   Ovensdale Scarlet 351      Artie
 5th  K & C Gass     Kearla Empire Milly 6   LLANDOVER
 6th  Hayes Family    Llandovery IK Stella 1515  Ikar
 7th  Jody Boyd  916    Three Creeks Redgum
8th B & R Warburton    Glen Meadow Fancy 1550   Wallumlands Visions Monarch
9th J Smith Baromi Sandman Rosette  KGSANDMAN
10th Hayes Family    Llandovery Adventure Marlene 1670   Llandovery Adventure

Class 4 Riversleigh Tuck Dorris 5 Tuhan Family

Winner 4-year-old in milk: Riversleigh Tuck Dorris 5

CLASS 5: 5 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2014 - 31/12/2014) 

Place     Owner  Cow  Sire
 1st R & S Parker  Wallumlands Mary 4  ABSJETSON
 2nd K & C Gass Kearla Jetson Milly 6 ABSJETSON
 3rd Tuhan Family  Ovensdale Scarlet 334    ISPIMP
 4th A & V Hibberson    Ovensdale Pearl 536  PRINCEOFPA
 5th A & V Hibberson Llandovery Blush’s Helen 1366 WBLUSH
 6th R & A Heath Amor Sandman Cocktail KGSANDMAN
 7th R & S Parker Glencliffe Jackie 779 ISPINGERLY
8th T & D Gaut  G76 Blossom ARBJIM
9th A & V Hibberson    Llandovery Thorpe’s Jinny 1354    THORPE
10th Tuhan Family Riversleigh Belagio Flower 25 LG Belagio

Class 5 Wallumlands Mary 4 R S Parker

Winner 5-year-old in milk class: Wallumlands Mary 4

CLASS 6 – 6 to 8 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2011 - 31/12/2013) 

 Place    Name  Cow Sire
 1st J & B Evans       Three Creeks Honeymoon 3     ISPIMP
 2nd B & R Warburton      Glen Meadow Bertha 162  GlenMeadow Romeo
 3rd B & R Warburton     Glen Meadow Glenda 130  GlenMeadow Fabian
 4th Hayes Family  Llandovery JR Joan 1008   Fradon Jet-Red
 5th J & B Evans    Three Creeks Rosarian 5  Redliner
 6th Hayes Family  Llandovery Blush’s Joan 1313  WBLUSH
 7th Tuhan Family    Riversleigh Kitkat Jean 18   KITKATBOY
8th T & D Gaut    G41 Rose  VISCOUNT
9th K & C Gass   Kearla Empire Milly 3   LANDOVER
10th R & S Parker  Glencliffe Joyce 734 Llandovery Jets Vigil

Class 6 Three Creeks Honeymoon 3 B J Evans

Winner 6-year-old in milk class:  Three Creeks Honeymoon 3

CLASS 7 – 9 YEAR OLD & OVER IN MILK (born prior to 1/1/2011)  

Place     Owner   Cow  Sire
 1st  J Smith   Baromi H-Tulip Tessa    HTULIP
 2nd  Hayes Family   Llandovery Pilot’s Verbena 746     Llandovery Plums Pilot
 3rd  G & R Williams     Ovensdale Scarlet 255   ISPIMP
 4th   J Smith  Clover View Countess 112   KGSUNRISE
 5th  Tuhan Family   Riversleigh Queenie   LANDOVER

Class 7 Baromi H Tulip Tessa Jason Smith

Winner 9-year-old and over in milk class:  Baromi H-Tulip Tessa                                                           


OVERALL CHAMPION:        Wallumlands Mary 4 (Bred by Terry & Ursula Tidcombe, Owned by Raymond & Sarah Parker)         

RESERVE CHAMPION:        Baromi H-Tulip Tessa  (Bred & owned by Jason Smith)                  

HONORABLE MENTION:     Ovensdale Trinket 191   (Bred by Rob & Marie Newton, Owned by G & H Meyland)

JUDGES CHOICE AWARD:  Ovensdale Beauty 458 (Bred by Rob & Marie Newton, owned by Rachael Barnes & Cody Trickey) 

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