Youngstar Gus is the latest young Sire to be endorsed by the IDP committee. Good udders are all but assured with this pedigree, being an Ovensdale Pixie’s Treble son from the Warrawee Park Gracie cow family. Pixie’s Treble is a Sire that has impressed many breeders, particularly as they develop onto their 2nd and 3rd lactations. He currently boasts a BPI of +63 and a Mammary System score of 104.

The Grand dam of Gus – Warrawee Park Gracie 2 EX needs little introduction to most Illawarra breeders, being a two-time best udder winner at IDW, Intermediate Champion in 2007 and Reserve Senior Champion 2009. The dam of Gus - Warrawee Park Gracie 6 (Sire LGBUTTLER) may be lesser known but is a tremendous cow in her own right. She was purchased by the Ross Family as a heifer at the Warrawee Park Dispersal and produced a top lactation of 10,950 Litres, 497kg Fat, 324 kg protein with a PI of 132 in their herd based in Gippsland, Southern Victoria.

Good components are a feature of the Gracie family. WP Gracie 6 averaged 4.2% fat and 3.3% protein over seven lactations. The 2nd- 4th dams were consistently milking at 3.5-3.8% protein. The depth of pedigree is tremendous, with a VG87 VPRINCE 3rd dam and the VG88 4th dam being a major show winner in her own right. This cow family is breeding particularly well with a maternal sister to Gus’s dam in the Llandovery herd classified VG88 and has been highly placed in the Victorian On Farm Challenge.

Youngstar Gus is available now from Semex, only in Australia and New Zealand

Pixies Treble Daughter Riversleigh Pixie Belle:

Riversleigh Pixie Belle 

Dam Warrawee Park Gracie 6:

WP Gracie 6

Second Dam Warrawee Park Gracie 2:

Warrawee Park Gracie 2

Dam Warrawee Park Gracie:

WP Gracie

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