Panorama Stud

Keith, Annette, Aleicia & Kirk Dorries, MS 212, Oakey  Qld  4401, Phone/fax 07 46916164.

Panorama Illawarras is situated at Oakey on the Darling Downs, 150 kms west of Brisbane.  Farm size 500 ha.  Herd size 120. Production avg 6700 litres, 4.0% bfat, 3.35% prot.  Commenced breeding in 1974 with the goal of breeding a herd of attractive, productive cows that perform under our dryland broadacre grazing conditions. 
Since 1980 we have had significant success showing large teams of cattle at Royal Shows.

At Brisbane we have been:
     Most successful exhibitor 13 times
     Champion Cow 8 times with 1 Supreme
     Reserve Champion Cow 4 times
     Champion Heifer 10 times with 2 Supremes
     Reserve Champion Heifer 9 times.
     Numerous type and production awards including Elite Lifetime Production Cow.

We have won Most Successful Exhibitor at Toowoomba Royal Show on 18 occasions.

Our showing success peaked in 2008 when Panorama Angeline 8 EX owned in partnership with Bluechip Genetics was awarded Grand Champion Cow at International Dairy Week in Victoria under well respected International Judge, Mr Doug Savage.

The introduction of outside Red genetics into the Illawarra breed has played a big part in our success with Venvale Parkes (Enhancer) having a big influence in the pedigrees of many of our big time winners and production cows.

Some of our most notable Poster girls:

Panorama Angeline 8 EX (LG Buttler):   Champion Heifer Brisbane 2004
     Champion Cow Toowoomba & Brisbane 2005
     Reserve Champion Cow Dairy Week 2007
     Champion Cow Dairy Week 2008
Angeline is now housed at Bluechip Genetics and is being flushed to fill international embryo orders.  She is the Dam of Panorama Aramis (Redrama) who will have semen available worldwide.

Panorama Lady 38 EX (V Parkes):  Reserve Champion Heifer Brisbane 1999
     Champion Cow Brisbane 2000 and 2001
     Reserve Champion Cow Brisbane 2003
     Champion Cow Brisbane 2004
Lady 38 is the Dam of Panorama Royal Treble who has semen available worldwide.

Panorama Gladys 3:   Supreme Cow Brisbane 1987.

Panorama Lady Jean 9 VG 88 (V Parkes): Five times in milk class winner Brisbane.

Panorama Dainty 11 VG87 (V Parkes): Supreme Heifer Brisbane 1996

Panorama Evelyn 61 EX (V Parkes): Supreme Heifer Brisbane 2002

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