Lloyd Peters Reports on Blood Percentages

"Despite the dominance of HF progeny winning in the judging ring at IDW 2011, let me assure you that the Illawarra breed is not being overrun by the HF breed.

In the latest Herd Book 3600 females were registered, of these 216 were sired by HF bulls (43 were in the one herd).  These figures suggest that 6 in every 100 registered were by HF bulls.  I consider this to be a very acceptable figure, and in line with genetic merit introduction standards.

In the 2009 Herd Book 8% of the registrations were by HF Bulls.  The 2008 Herd Book the percentage by HF bulls was between 5 - 6 %

I predict this year may see some increase in progeny of HF bulls, because of increased promotion of HF (Red) to our breeders, but from 2012 I am confident this trend shall fall because of our new Percentage Registration Rating.

For example one of our more popular bulls Llandovery Jinny’s Empire is now a 25% bull.  However,  after 1st January 2012 such an registration would get 0%.  After this date you will not be able to mate any female under 50% to a HF sire and keep such a registration in our Herd Book.   (It will go in a Supplementary Register).    I am sure our breeders will not want to get on the 25% borderline.

I am confident the decision to go with a percentage system will prove a positive decision and define where we are going breedwise."

Lloyd Peters

March 2011.

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