Jock Gets a Kiss from his Favourite Female

While Jock Johnston (F S Johnston & Sons, Jondene Stud, Imbil, Queensland) is heading for 72 years young, he doesn’t very often sit down and finds shows a bit boring if he has a show team under a dozen. 

However, after a hectic morning at the Maleny Show parading cattle for the award ceremony for the on-ground milking competition in which he delivered “a knockout blow” to his younger rival and nephew, Steven Ledger (Ledger Family, Riverwood, Carters Ridge, Queensland), followed by the Supreme Inter-breed judging, he lined up again to parade one of his favourite cows for the Young Judges competition but only after milking out his other in-milk exhibits.

With a large number of youngsters competing, it was taking some time so Jock who was getting a bit thirsty, requested the delivery of a cup of tea via Steward, Greg, who as a joke also provided Jock with a chair.

His favourite female, Jondene Dainty, took the opportunity to give Jock a kiss or was it a smack for being so cheeky!












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