2013 Victorian Illawarra Calf Show

The 2013 Victorian Illawarra Calf Day was held at the Kyabram Show Grounds. Jeff Harrower of Beltana Holsteins, Cohuna had the pleasure of judging 39 head, exhibited by 6 studs.

The future of the breed is in good hands, if judging by the number of entrants in the paraders’ classes. There were 10 entrants with Josh Hayes winning Junior Parader. Big Sister Zoe Hayes won Senior Paraders’ class and was the recipient of a $150 NCDEA training voucher. Zoe was closely followed by Luke Hayes in second and third place was Taya Hayes.

The junior cattle classes were strongly contested, with nearly all classes having up to a dozen entries. Terry and Ursula Tidcombe were awarded Junior Champion with their exhibit Wallumlands Flower by Llandovery RM Jack.  Reserve Junior Champion went to the Hayes family with Llandovery Primula 1126, an Aalshorst daughter.

Judge, Jeff Harrower commented on the quality of heifers on show in the junior classes before moving on to judge the senior classes.  Senior Champion was awarded to LLandovery JR Joan 983 (FRADON JET RED) exhibited by the Hayes Family. Reserve Senior Champion went to Terry and Ursula Tidcombe’s Wallumlands Margaret 11by GM Francois.

The most successful exhibitor’s award went to the Hayes Family.  The award was collected by Taya Hayes in recognition of her efforts with preparing all 13 head exhibited by the Hayes family for the show. The hard work certainly paid off.

The day concluded with a barbecue lunch held in conjunction with the Guernsey breed followed by games for all to participate in.

Judge:  Jeff Harrower, Beltana Holsteins, Cohuna

Class 1a:  Junior Handler U12yrs
1st    Josh Hayes

Class 1b:  Senior Handler 12-18yrs
1st    Zoe Hayes

Class 2:  Heifer born after 1st November 2012
1st    Hayes Family – Llandovery Vigil’s Freda 1192 (26.11.12) s. Llandovery Jets Vigil
2nd    T O’Loughlin – Bundarra Model 4 (16.11.12) s. Lemon Grove Honeymoon’s Empire
3rd    Hayes Family – Llandovery Blush’s Queenette 1183 (3.11.12) s. Wallumlands Blush’s Viscount
4th    T O’Loughlin – Bundarra Rosella 9 (18.11.12) s. Glen Meadow Foreman

Class 3:  Heifer born between 1st September to 31st Octobert 2012
1st    Erin Ferguson – Lara Twister Glady (5.9.12) s. HS Twister
2nd    T & U Tidcombe – Wallumlands Rosarian 8 (19.9.12) GM Francois
3rd    Hayes Family – Llandovery Blush’s Jinny 1158 (7.10.12) s. Wallumlands Blush’s Viscount
4th    T & U Tidcombe – Wallumlands Jewel 2 (8.9.12) s. ARB Hilly

Class 4:  Heifer born between 1st July to 31st August 2012
1st    T & U Tidcombe – Wallumlands Flower (8.7.12) s. Llandovery R M Jack
2nd    Hayes Family – Llandovery Primula 1126 (19.8.12) s. Aalshorst Pleasure
3rd    M & C Tuhan – Riversleigh Prophet Freckles 9 (11.8.12) s. Pride Prophet
4th    Hayes Family – Llandovery Dynamic Topsy 1128 (24.8.12) s. Very Dynamic

Vic Calf Show 2013 Jnr Champ web

Class 5:  Heifer born 1st April to 30th June 2012
1st    M & C Tuhan – Riversleigh Scarlet Daisy 16 (19.4.12) s. Scarlet

Class 6:  Heifer born 1st January to 31st March 2012
1st    Hayes Family – Llandovery Scarlet’s Duchess (24.3.12) s. Scarlet
2nd    Hayes Family – Llandovery Mitch’s Joan 1044 (18.2.12) s. MitchPress
3rd    M & C Tuhan – Riversleigh Prince Tulip 12 (12.3.12) s. VPrince
4th    T & U Tidcombe – Wallumlands Margaret 13 (6.3.12) s. Silverleigh MC

Class 7:  Heifer born 1st September to 31st December 2011
1st    Hayes Family – Llandovery JR Joan 983 (10.9.11) s. Fradon Jet Red
2nd    T & U Tidcombe – Wallumlands Margaret 11 (12.10.11) s. GM Francois
3rd    Hayes Family – Llandovery JT Joan 984 (10.9.11) Fradon Jet Red

Class 8:  Heifer born 1st July to 31st August 2011
1st    M & C Tuhan – Riversleigh Alston Madeline (31.7.11) s. VPrince
2nd    D & N Collins – Erindale Nadine’s Diana 8 (25.8.11) s. Star Trump
3rd    D & N Collins – Erindale Nadine’s Diana 9 (26.8.11) s. Star Trump

Vic Calf Show 2013 Senior Champ Web

Class 9:  Sire’s Progeny (2 heifers by the same sire)
1st    T & U Tidcombe – GM Francois
2nd    Hayes Family – Wallumland Blush’s Viscount
3rd    Hayes Family – Fradon Jet Red

Class 10:  Pen of Three Heifers any age
1st    T & U Tidcombe
2nd    Hayes Family
3rd    M & C Tuhan

Most Successful Exhibitor:
1st    Hayes Family
2nd    T & U Tidcombe
3rd    M & C Tuhan

More photos in the Photo Gallery.

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