Verbs Viscount sired both the Bellringer Grand Champion and Reserve Bellringer at the Illawarra & Southern's Spring Fair.  John and Andrea Henry have taken out the Bellringer Grand Champion with Charcoal Viscount Bettina and Tim & Natalie Cochrane the Reserve Bellringer with Kangawarra Jewel 3328.  Honourable Mention went to R W & B C Graham's Beaulands Delta Margaret (Vest Delta).

Charcoal Viscount Bettina was also named Best Udder & Attachment.

In the Junior Championship, Cherrylock stud (Brad and Jessica Gavenlock) took Reserve and Honourable Mention with Cherrylock Malda's Pride (Pride's Prophert) and Cherrylock Princess Malda (Venvale Prince) respectively.  Beating them for the Junior Champion ribbon were Tom and Kylie Cochrane with Kangawarra Stella 3863 (Jinny's Empire).

Todd Wilson of Tamworth, NSW, adjudicated.

Class 1 - Heifer under 6 months
1st    Cherrylock Maldas Pride (PRIDEPROPHET) B & J Gavenlock
2nd    Clerrylock Princess Malda (V PRINCE) B & J Gavenlock
3rd     Kangawarra Rosie 4044 (Myrtleholme Thorpe) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
4th     Kangawarra Lady 4039 (Myrtleholme Thorpe) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
5th     Beaulands Ulli Birdie (Asmo Ullimulli) R & B Graham

Class 2 - Heifer under 12 months
1st    Eagle Park Bygold Pet (BYGOLD) Tim & Nat Cochrane
2nd     Kangawarra Rosie 3968 (ARBREDPIPER) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
3rd     Kangawarra Socks 4007 (GILHAM) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane

Class 3 - Heifer Under 18 Months
1st    Kangawarra Stella 3863 (LANDOVER) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
2nd     Eagle Park Dynamic Myrtle (Landovery Dynamic) Tim & Nat Cochrane
3rd     Eagle Park Prophet Elaine (PRIDEPROPHET) Tim & Nat Cochrane
4th     Kangawarra Ruth 3913 (Landovery Dynamic) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane

Class 4 - Heifer Under 24 Months
1st    Kangawarra Laural 3839 (LANDOVER) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
2nd     Eagle Park Monarch Morgana IVF (REDMONARCH) Tim & Nat Cochrane

Champion Heifer:  Kangawarra Stella 3863 (LANDOVER) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
Reserve Champ Heifer Cherrylock Maldas Pride (PRIDESPROPET) B & J Gavenlock

Class 5 - Dry cow under 4yrs
1st     Beauna Vista Plum 2300 (VISCOUNT) JA Henry & son

Class 6 - Dry cow over 4yrs
1st    Kangawarra Pretty 3012 (FYNAKS) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
2nd     Beauna Vista Silver 1942 (Glenvale Storm) JA Henry & Son

Class 7 - Cow in milk under 3yrs
1st    Charcoal Viscount Bettina (VISCOUNT) John & Andrea Henry
2nd     Kangawarra Stella 3713 (BYGOLD) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
3rd     Eagle Park Landover Clarie ET (LANDOVER) Tim & Nat Cochrane
4th     Beauna Vista Tesse 2342 (GLENADO) JA Henry & Son
5th     Kangawarra Jewel 3717 (JF Jed) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
6th     Kangawarra Sally 3697 (VISCOUNT) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane

Class 8 - Cow in milk 3-4yrs
1st    Kangawarra Jewel 3328 (VISCOUNT) Tim & Nat Cochrane
2nd     Kangawarra Stella 3565 (Kangawarra Simpson) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
3rd     Kangawarra Pretty 3385 (BYGOLD) Tim & Nat Cochrane

Class 9 - Cow in milk 4-5yrs
1st    Beaulands Delta Margaret (Vest Delta) RW & BC Graham
2nd     Kangawarra Heather 3248 (VISCOUNT) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
3rd     Kangawarra Heather 3165 (LANDOVER) Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane

Class 10 - Cow in milk over 5yrs
1st    Beaulands Birdie 3 (KLENS)RW & BC Graham
2nd     Kangawarra Princess 2603 (REDVIKING) Tim & Nat Cochrane
3rd     Beauna Vista Canary 2665 (LCVIGOUROUS) JA Henry & Son

Class 11 - Best Uddered cow
Charcoal Viscount Bettina (VISCOUNT) John & Andrea Henry

Class 12 - Dam's Progeny
1st    Kangawarra Stella 3565 & Kangawarra Stella 3713
2nd     Cherrylock Maldas Pride & Cherrylock Princess Malda

Class 13 - Pen of 3
1st    Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane
2nd    Tim & Nat Cochrane

Bellringer:    Charcoal Viscount Bettina (VISCOUNT) John & Andrea Henry
Reserve Bellringer:    Kangawarra Jewel 3328 (VISCOUNT) Tim & Nat Cochrane

Champion cow class:

Spring Fair 2013 Champion Cow lineup lr

Junior Champion - Kangawarra Stella 3863

Kangawarra Stella 3863 Jnr Champ lr

Junior Championship class:

Spring Fair 2013 Jnr Championship class lr


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