After a couple weeks of brilliantly fine weather, the oft Maleny Show curse (rain) set in judging  morning forcing judging indoors.

In line with most shows in the last couple of years, dairy cattle entries were down , with the Illawarra breed having 42 of the overall 65 head of dairy cattle entered.  The other 5 breeds were all represented  by token numbers of young animals with one exception.

The Illawarra breed dominated the Interbreed classes winning all classes except the Juvenile Champion.  Illawarra exhibitors were F S Johnston & Sons, Ledger Family, Den Dia Partnership, Peter and Cheryl Ardrey, and Nambour Rural High School.

Judge:  Mr Ian Pike, Pomona.

Heifer under 12 months
1st    Jondene Joslyn 5 – FS Johnston & Sons
2nd    Riverwood Doris 17 – Ledger Family
3rd    Jondene Jinny – P & C Ardrey

Heifer, 12 to 18 months
1st    Den Dia Mary – Pratten Family
2nd    Riverwood Model 14 – Ledger Family
3rd    Jondene Effie – P & C Ardrey

Heifer, 18 months and under 2 years, dry
1st    Riverwood Thelma 6 – Ledger Family
2nd    Jondene Beauty 43 – F S Johnston & Sons
3rd    Cheralyn Blossom – P & C Ardrey

Juvenile Champion  -  Jondene Joslyn 5 - F S Johnston & Sons

Reserve Juvenile Champion – Den Dia Mary 5 - Den Dia Partnership
HM Juvenile Champion – Riverwood Thelma 6 - Ledger Family

Heifer, 2 - 3 years dry
1st    Jondene Sybil 17 – F S Johnston & Sons

Heifer, under two and half years in milk
1st    Cheralyn Miora39 – P & C Ardrey
2nd    Rosedale Mitch Midge – F S Johnston & Sons

Heifer, 3 years in milk
1st    Jondene Envy – F S Johnston & Sons
2nd    Riverwood Doris 13 – Ledger Family
3rd    Riverwood Prue 7 – Ledger Family

Pictures Below:  Junior Championship lineup.

Junior Champion – Jondene Envy - F S Johnston & Sons

Reserve Junior Champion – Riverwood Doris 13 - Ledger Family

Pictured:  Betty Ledger presenting the Michael Ledger Memorial ribbon and Peter Ardrey presenting his trophy to winner of the Junior Championship, Jock Johnston of F S Johnston & Sons
Maleny 14 Intermediate Pres

Cow 3 and under 5 years dry
1st    Jondene Jessie 8 – FS Johnston & Sons

Cow, over 5 years dry
1st    Jondene Josephine 26 – F S Johnston & Sons

Cow, 3 years and under 4 in milk
1st    Riverwood Sovereign 6 – Pratten Family
2nd    Jondene Barbara 16 -  F S Johnston & Sons

Cow, 4 years and under 5 in milk
1st    Riverwood Kitty 14 – Ledger Family
2nd    Jondene Twinkle 32 – F S Johnston & Sons
3rd    Jondene Blossom 8 – F S Johnston & Sons

Cow, 5 to 7 years in milk
1st    Den Dia Empress 83 – Pratten Family
2nd    Jondene Erica 14 – Ledger Family
3rd    Jondene Thelma 16 – F S Johnston & Sons

Cow, over 7 years in milk
1st    Riverwood Lucy 2 – Ledger Family

Best Udder:
1st    Riverwood Kitty 14
2nd    Riverwood Sovereign 6
3rd    Den Dia Empress 83

Champion Cow– Riverwood Kitty 14 - Ledger Family

Riverwood Kitty

Reserve Champion Cow– Riverwood Sovereign 6 - Den Dia Partnership
HM Champion Cow– Den Dia Empress 83 - Den Dia Partnership

Pictured below:  L-R Fraser Skerman presenting his prize to the Reserve Champion Cow, Riverwood Sovereign 6 with Di & Ron Pratten of Den Dia Partnership

Maleny 14 - Res Cow pres


Supreme Champion Dairy Cow and Supreme Udder - Riverwood Kitty 14
Reserve Supreme Champion Cow and Reserve SupremeUdder - Riverwood Sovereign 6
Supreme Junior Champion Heifer:  Jondene Envy
Reserve Supreme Junior Heifer:  Riverwood Doris 13

Production Competition over 24 hrs:

Champion Butterfat Cow & Champion Weight of Milk:  Jondene Twinkle 32 - F S Johnston & Sons
Reserve Champion Butterfat Cow & Champion Protein:  Riverwood Sovereign 6 - Den Dia Partnership -
Reserve Champion Protein & Reserve Champion Weight of Milk:  Riverwood Lucy - Ledger Family
Champion Production Heifer :  Riverwood Prue 4 - Ledger Family
Team of Three - Ledger Family.

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