The Heytesbury show in south west Victoria was well supported with two large teams of Illawarras entered by Rick and Kristy Bailey of Rubyvale Illawarras and Jason Smith of Baromi Illawarras. The judge was Rachel Dickson.

Class 39 Cow born before 1/1/15 - 1st Wallamlands Francois Rosarian
Class 40 Cow or heifer born between 1/1/15 and 31/12/16 in milk 1st Rubyvale Pingerly Buttercup 2nd, 2nd Baromi Sandman Rosette 3rd Baromi Francois Pam Class 41 Dry cow Baromi Francois Stately
Champion Cow Rubyvale Pingerly Buttercup 2nd Res Champ Baromi Sandman Rosette
Class 42 Heifer born 1/1/17-30/6/17 1st Rubyvale Butternut Duchess
Class 43 Heifer born 1/7/17-31/12/17 1st Baromi Jedi Molly 2nd Baromi Randy Daisy
Class 44 Heifer born 1/1/18-30/6/18 1st Baromi Elliot Rosette
Class 45 Heifer born 1/7/18-31/12/18 1st Baromi Rusty Gem ( R&A Heath ) 2nd Rubyvale Maxima Rosarian 3rd some brown swiss
Junior Champion Rubyvale Butternut Duchess Res junior champ: Baromi Jedi Molly
Most successful Exhibitor: Baromi Jersey & Illawarra Stud

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