2021 All Breeds Educational Dairy Youth Camp and Malanda Calf Day



Mike Hentschke – Judging

Phil Hentschke – “Bag of Bones”

Paul Newland – Parading

Simon Tognola – Clipping


OVERALL STUDENT OF THE CAMP AWARD  -           Kimberly Daley

Runner-up Overall Student                               -           Mary English

Junior Encouragement                                        -           Reece Rielly

Intermediate Encouragement                          -           Genevieve Daley

Senior Encouragement                                        -           Nash Battle & Rebecca Payne


JUNIOR CLIPPING AWARD                                 -           April Burtenshaw

Junior Clipping Second                                        -           Malachi Walmsley

Junior Clipping Third                                            -           Matthew Daley

Junior Clipping Encouragement                       -           Sienna Rielly


INTERMEDIATE CLIPPING AWARD                  -           Mary English

Intermediate Clipping Second                          -           Nathan Daley

Intermediate Clipping Third                              -           Frances English

Intermediate Clipping Encouragement          -           Erin Burtenshaw


SENIOR CLIPPING AWARD                                 -           Patrick English

Senior Clipping Second                                        -           Terese Daley

Senior Clipping Third                                            -           Daniel Courtney

Senior Clipping Encouragement                       -           Nash Battle


JUNIOR JUDGING AWARD                                  -           Benji Bird

Junior Judging Second                                         -           April Burtenshaw

Junior Judging Third                                             -           Kayla Tebay-Dent

Junior Judging Encouragement                         -           Kirra Andersen


INTERMEDIATE JUDGING AWARD                   -           Mary English

Intermediate Judging Second                           -           Nathan Daley

Intermediate Judging Third                               -           Renee Swensen

Intermediate Judging Encouragement           -           Erin Burtenshaw


SENIOR JUDGING AWARD                                  -           Terese Daley

Senior Judging Second                                         -           Rebecca Payne

Senior Judging Third                                             -           Kimberly Daley

Senior Judging Encouragement                        -           Lachlan Johnston  


JUNIOR PARADER AWARD                                -           Benji Bird

Junior Parader Second                                         -           Matthew Daley

Junior Parader Third                                             -           April Burtenshaw

Junior Parader Encouragement                        -           Kirra Andersen


INTERMEDIATE PARADER AWARD                  -           Mary English

Intermediate Parader Second                           -           Frances English

Intermediate Parader Third                               -           Nathan Daley

Intermediate Parader Encouragement          -           Leah Linneman


SENIOR PARADER AWARD                                 -           Lachlan Johnston

Senior Parader Second                                        -           Terese Daley

Senior Parader Third                                            -           Kimberly Daley

Senior Parader Encouragement                       -           Daniel Courteny




Heifer Under 4 Months:

1st: Eachamvale Molly – Kirra Andersen

2nd: Eachamvale Laura 14 – Team English

3rd: Eachamvale Madge 8 – Chloe Chivers

Heifer Under 6 Months:

1st: Eachamvale Georgia 3 – Erin Burtenshaw

2nd: Eachamvale Chance 57 – Kayla Tebay-Dent

3rd: Nateley Victor Dawn – Sienna Rielly

Heifer Under 8 Months:

1st: Eachamvale Madonnah 6 – Leah Linneman

2nd : Millaa View Casino Fernleaf – Abigail Daley

3rd: Ourway Caspian Skyppy – Benji Bird

Heifer Under 10 Months:

1st : Eachamvale Cindy 60 – Mary English

2nd : Eachamvale Sarah 72 – Terese Daley

3rd: Ourway SJ Jackie – Cody Marsh

JUNIOR CHAMPION HEIFER: Eachamvale Cindy 60 – Mary English

RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION HEIFER: Eachamvale Sarah 72 – Terese Daley

HIONOURABLE MENTION: Eachamvale Molly – Kirra Andersen

 Junior Champ

Heifer Under 12 Months:

1st : Avvonleigh Choice – Rachel English

2nd : Ourway Rampup Phyllis – Team Daley

3rd : Ourway Kingdoc Jackie 2 – Group B

Heifer Under 14 Months:

1st : Millaa View Warrior Fiona – Team Millaa View

2nd : Cascade Vision – Patrick English

3rd : Ourway Kingdoc Jackie – Group A

Heifer Under 16 Months:

1st : Ourway Deltalamba Buttercup – Rebecca Payne

2nd : Millaa View Jacoby Chance – Kimberly Daley

3rd : Ourway Ardor Phyllis – Group C

Heifer Under 18 Months:

1st : Ourway Dragonheart Phyllis – Nathan Daley

2nd : Mountain View Rose – Lachlan Johnston

SENIOR CHAMPION HEIFER: Avvonleigh Choice – Rachel English

RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION HEIFER: Ourway Dragonheart Phyllis – Nathan Daley

HONOURABLE MENTION: Ourway Deltalamba Buttercup – Rebecca Payne

 Senior Champ

SUPREME HEIFER: Eachamvale Cindy 60 – Mary English


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