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 Please note qualifying rules:

  • STP: 50,000 lt milk, 1875Kg Fat, 1600Kg Pt
  • STP Silver: 66,667lt milk, 2500Kg Fat, 2133Kg Pt
  • STP Gold: 83,333Lt milk, 3125Kg Fat, 2667Kg Pt
  • STP Diamond: 100,000lt Milk, 3750kg Fat, 3200Kg Pt
  • Must pass above Lifetime production standards
  • Each lact must be 220 days min
  • Must classify VG85 minimum mammary
  • There is no limit on the number of minimum lactations to qualify.

Contact the Kiama office to nominate an animal.


SBC - Star Brood Cow

this cow must be classified and have at least three progeny GP or better and gains points for progeny classification, production and ABV's.  Fill out the attached application form and forward to the office.

pdf Star Brood Cow Application Form (58 KB)


Holzhauser Competition entries are due in at the end of December/beginning of January and should be sent to PO Box 189, Kiama NSW 2533. 

Entries should consist of ten cows with the highest combined total of protein and butterfat content.  There are no test restrictions. 

An award will also be given to the entry showing the greatest improvement over the previous year’s average in combined total of protein and butterfat.


If Illawarra members have production figures that are higher than any existing records, please forward the LACTATION STATEMENT to Brian Parker, Chairman, Production Research Committee, PO Box 66, Denman  NSW  2328, for confirmation of the record.

Certain conditions must be met e.g. at least 7 monthly recordings in 305 day period.  To break a Fat or Protein record, the minimum requirements for that particular component which is being considered for the record, only needs to be met.  Fat 3.3%.  Protein 3.0%.

For State records, please contact your State Branch Secretary


Eligible photographs are considered by the Photo Comp Committee during International Dairy Week held in Shepparton in January each year.  To be eligible photos must have been taken in the preceding calendar year - January 1 to December 31.

Eligible photos (hard copy) MUST be in the hands of a Photo Comp Committee member no later than the end of Illawarra Judging Day at IDW.

If posting to a committee member, they must be received no later than January 10th. 

The closing date for emailed entries is the 10th January.

The official email address for entering the Agrigene Real Australian Illawarra photo competition is:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Committee members are:
Ms Kyleigh Cochrane, 75B Mayfield Road, Pyree NSW 2540
Mr Damen Phillips, 3 Parkside Court, Hodgson Vale, Qld 4350
Mr David Patterson, 14 Brown Street, Allansford, Vic, 3277

Only photos submitted by the owner of an animal will be accepted. Digital and hard copy photos sized 7”X5” with the below information written on the back, will be eligible. There is no restriction on the number of entries.

On the back of the photo PRINT the following information:
Owned by ..., postal address …
FULL name of animal …
Month and year photo taken …

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