Overseas Sires

Purple Idalee RR Zeus EXP

Sire:  Innisfail Red Ruben
Dam:  Dan Sal Megadeth Zena Ex-93

Available from Genetics Australia.  Contact Daniel Cochrane, PH 0409653663,  Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

pdf Purple Idalee RR Zeus flier (475 KB)

Mapleton Vly J Zumba

Canadian Milking Shorthorn
BULL ID:  0200MS00403
PEDIGREE:  Julius x Koyote
2014 comments:  Zumba's first daughters are starting to calve in Canada at the moment and represents an outcross with the potential for great production and udders.  Zumba is A2A2 and 100% purity
Sexed Semen available
Available from

pdf Mapleton Vly J Zumba (127 KB)

Oceanbrae Diamond Jack

Canadian Milking Shorthorn
2014 comments:  Jack is #10 LPI in Canada, siring above average milk with size and style, along with breed leading figures for health and fertility.  Jack is A2A2 and 91% purity
Available from

pdf Oceanbrae Diamond Jack (4.20 MB)

Oceanbrae Logic's Plato

Canadian Milking Shorthorn
BULL ID:  0200MS00402
PEDIGREE:  Logic x Plato
2014 comments:  Plato is #5 LPI in Canada, siring very strong fore udders and well above average fat production, along with strength and quiet temperament.  Plato is A2A2 and 100% purity
Available from

pdf Oceanbrae Logic's Plato (484 KB)

GMC Rebel Logic - ET

BULL ID:  Rebel Logic
Pedigree:  Rebel x Now You See
For the ABV click on the following:
Contact:  Agri-Gene Pty Ltd 03 57222777

Kulp-Gen OK ACDMY Adam ET

US Milking Shorthorn
Bull ID - ACADEMYADAM - 100%
Sire: Valley View Meghans OK Acdmy Adam - P ET
Dam: Rovin Derek Ali Accent - P EX92
363D 22010M 4.7% 1027F 3.5% 769P
MGS: Wildwood Kay's Derek - ET
MGD: Rovin Alise Clay Ali - P
365D 23242 3.9% 915F 3.1% 710P

IDP Committee approved 2011.

Adam - P is the first USA Milking Shorthorn Sire to be accepted into the Illawarra Development Program PT Scheme.  His dam was Reserve All American 4 yr old in 2005.

Contact:  Agri-Gene Pty Ltd, Ph 03 5722 2666

SpSpungold-R Prince of PA - ET

US Milking Shorhorn
Sexed Semen available.
Contact:  Agri-Gene Pty Ltd, Ph 03 5722 2666


Oceanbrae Ironman-P

Canadian Milking Shorthorn
Bull ID:  200MS00404
80.3% purity in Canada
Sire:  Kulp-Gen OK ACDMY Adam-P
Dam:  Fieldcrest Ideal-P EX92 3E

A polled sire (potentially homozygous polled) from one of the top LPI cows in Canada and by a sire from one of the highest component cow families in the breed.

2014 comments:  This outcross, polled sire will be unrelated to most Illawarra bloodlines while mixing top Illawarra, Milking Shorthorn, and Red Holstein genetics.  His sire is #3 for type in Canada with sky-high fat and production numbers, and his dam a multiple time class leader in Canada that also scored EX-92 and was a former #1 LPI cow.  Ironman-P is 80.3% purity and heterozygous polled.

pdf Oceanbrae Ironman-P (322 KB)

Available from:

Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty

USA Milking Shorthorn
USA Rego No:  68307222

Sire:  Ecuafarm Peris Kaiser
MGS: Gold Mine Ebrose Kao Koyote - VG88
Dam: Ecuafarm Koyote Reina - EX93 2E
365D 25,770M 3.7% 965F 3.2% 816P
MGD: Ecuafarm Dusty Glen Royal - EX90
365D 31710M 3.9% 1237F 3.2% 1018P

Available from:  AgriGene Pty Ltd 03 57222666

pdf Royality-Lilyhill (1.94 MB)  


Innisfail LilyHill

USA Milking Shorthorn
USA Rego No:  461776

Sire:  Hilltop Academy - EX92
MGS: Kuszmar Alfairs Othello
Dam: Innisfail Ko Lily 1016
320D 20,390M 4.0% 809F 3.0% 603P
MGD: Innisfail RB Lily 531 - VG88
365D 22750M 3.0% 678F 3.0% 690P

Available from AgriGene Pty Ltd 03 57222666

See Flier above name.



Cotonhall Titan

UK Milking Shorthorn
UK Reg No:  028700671

Sire:  Cotonhall Colby
MGS:  Kian
Dam:  Cotonhall Tulip 2 VG87
333D 10332M 4.46%F 3.38%P
MGD: Rantonall Tulip 15 VG88
288D 7290M 4.05%F 3.28%P

See the attached 2013 AgriGene Milking & Dairy Shorthorn Sires brochure at the beginning of the listing of Illawarra sires.

Available from:  Agri-Gene Pty Ltd 03 5722 2666


Lady Grove Conrad

Canadian Milking Shorthorn

Sire:  Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace
Dam:  Lands-Brook Chardonnary EXP


2014 comments:  Lady Grove Conrad is sired by Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace, #2 LPI bull in Canada and also highly proven in the USA, with tight udder attachments and well above average fat and protein percentages.

The dam is Lands-Brook Chardonnay-EXP VG-86-2yr, the #1 active LPI cow in Canada (April'14).  She is also a high components cow from a cow family that has been succeeding in the USA in recent years, including her maternal sister Christina EX-96, the Grand Champion at the World Dairy Expo last fall.

pdf Conrad Ad Australia 2014 (273 KB)

Available from:  Semex -




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