Colour Rules

To be eligible to be shown cattle must be of acceptable colour, those colours are red, white, roan or red and white intermixed including the various shades of red.

Minimal black hair around the edges of ears and muzzle are accepted as well as a small black birthmark. Excluded will be black-faced and black or brindle colours.

Females not meeting colour requirements for showing but with minimal black markings will not be penalised for registration purposes.

Full black or brindle-bodied females may only be registered in the Supplementary Register and shall have their registration certificates marked OC (off-colour).

For registration purposes, bulls must meet the colour requirements of the female standard for showing.

Breeders are reminded of the importance of maintaining breed identity in relation to colour thus avoiding undesirable traits. For example - White skin pigmentation.

Download a copy of the Color Rule HERE.

Published 19 February 2022

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