The Illawarra Cattle Society of Australia (ICSA) has enacted the following DNA Testing Policies, effective on 1 January 2018.

1. All matters of identification and parentage will be accepted as official as determined by the designated laboratory.

Genotype and/or DNA results must meet ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) standards of parentage affirmation for animals typed through a laboratory retained by ICSA.

Until further notice, the ICSA has retained the service of the NEOGEN Australasia for all DNA typing and parentage verification.

2. Testing can be initiated by:

a) Breeder Inquiry:

Any breeder/owner can request a test kit from ICSA for testing of animals in their herd. These results will be kept on file with the ICSA. All expenses to be paid by the breeder/owner.
b) Bulls:

All bulls must be genotyped, or DNA typed before a registration paper is returned to the breeder/owner. The owner of the bull will be responsible for all expenses for meeting these requirements.

c) Presidents:

Any animal sold, or exhibited, as registered by the ICSA can be genotyped or DNA typed at the discretion of an executive consisting of the President, the Senior Vice President, and the Junior Vice President. All expenses to be paid by ICSA.
d) Breeder Protest:

If a party other than the owner requests the President in writing to test an animal for any reason, the person requesting the examination must first post a $500 bond with the President. All testing expenses to be paid by ICSA.
     I. If the parental identification of the animal tested does not match registration records the  bond is returned to the person requesting the test.
     II. If the parental identification of the animal tested matches registration records the bond is  forfeited and deposited in the general fund of the ICSA.

e) Embryo Transfer:

All calves born as a result of embryo transfer shall be DNA tested, with parentage verification, before a registration paper is issued. The breeder/owner is responsible for this cost.

3. Sampling Process:

To ensure accuracy of samples and to protect both ICSA and the breeders/ owners the following requirements will be adhered to:
a) Breeder Inquiry, Bulls & Embryo Transfer: 

    Samples may be collected by breeder/owner or their chosen representative.
b) President and Breeder Protest: 

    Samples must be collected by a veterinarian in the presence of a suitable ICSA representative

4. DNA Sample Results:

a) All matters of identification and parentage as determined by the designated laboratory will be accepted as official.

b) Positive Parental Identification:  

    No action necessary – registration confirmed.

c) Negative Parental Identification:
     I. Parentage Known: 

        Adjust registration type/percentage as necessary of tested animal and offspring to accurately reflect true parentage.
          1. Awards and show winnings retained if new registration type/percentage is eligible.
          2. If the show eligibility changes due to a corrected registration, then this should apply from the date of corrected registration.
          3. If the animal in question has a registered name that includes the name of the negative parent relation, the registered name must be                        updated to prevent misleading, or confusion, of other breeders.
          4. All registration paper corrections (individual and any offspring) will be paid for by the breeder.

     II. Parentage Unknown:  

        Registration paper revoked, and registration of any offspring adjusted with tested parent listed as unknown.

5. Negative Result Follow-Up Actions

a) If actual parentage can be confirmed in a timely manner no follow up actions will be pursued.
b) If actual parentage is not determined in a timely manner, then a maximum of 5 additional

     animals bred by the breeder/herd unit may be DNA typed.

6. Non-Cooperation of Breeders

This may lead to elimination of registrations and loss of membership.

7. Adapted from AMSS Policy. September 2018

Download the DNA Policy Page 1 HERE and Page 2 HERE.

Published 19.02.23

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