New Overseas Bull Endorsed by IDP

The Illawarra Development Program (IDP) committee has endorsed New Zealand Milking Shorthorn young Sire Brecon Kaikoura for use in the Illawarra breed. Whilst the use of Illawarra Genetics is promoted first and foremost, the committee recognises the importance of genuine outcross genetic options. In theory, New Zealand genetics should be more compatible with Australian grazing based systems than those found anywhere else in the world.

Kaikoura was selected primarily for the extreme components in his maternal line. The committee was also impressed by the dairy strength and quality udder of his dam (see attached flyer). His dam has a 7 lactation lifetime average of 4.67% fat and 4.28% protein! This astonishing protein production was done with milk yields over 7000 litres in under 305 days. Anyone familiar with NZ farming systems would recognise that this is a high performance cow. The Brecon herd based in New Zealand’s South Island experiences its share of challenging climatic conditions, with snow cover not uncommon in winter. The second dam has a 7 lactation lifetime average of 4.5% fat and 3.68% protein, with a best yield of 8094 L @ 4.68% fat and 3.75% protein.

Kaikoura’s sire Brecon Egmont is a son of All World photo competition winner Brecon Arty Empress. Empress was Grand Champion at the 2013 NZ Dairy Event and also won All breeds 6 year old in milk under judge Brian Leslie, making her the first of the breed to win an Interbreed in milk class at NZDE.

Note that Brecon Kaikoura is not an especially high purity Sire (will be 62.5% in Illawarra Herd book). However he has minimal Holstein blood, with the non Milking Shorthorn blood coming from Ayrshire (Sire of 2nd dam) and Swedish Red, having T-Bruno and Sorby in the background of his pedigree.

Limited stocks of Kaikoura are currently available from Semex Australia.

Semex Flyer Brecon Kaikoura


Cover photo: Brecon Arty Empress – paternal grand dam of Brecon Kaikoura.



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