Registration Policy


To be registered in the Illawarra Herd Book, all female animals must contain 37.5% and above of Illawarra blood purity.

All animals with Illawarra blood purity of under 37.5% will be registered in a Supplementary Register and given their true Illawarra blood percentage on their registration certificate.

Animals registered in the Supplementary Register of the Society's Herd Book are ineligible to be shown.


From January 1, 2012, all male calves being registered must be DNA tested at the breeder's expense. Further information on this is available under the DNA Policy.

To register a bull in the Illawarra Herd Book, they must be:

  • Of acceptable colour, i.e., no blue, black or brindle-coloured animals.
  • No minimum Illawarra blood percentage restriction.
  • Either sire or dam to be registered in the Illawarra Herd Book (full or supplementary), and
  • The other parent is either registered in the ICSA Herd Book or from the Roll of Approved Stock being Red Factor and Red & White Holsteins, Ayrshires, European Reds, Milking Shorthorns and ARB.

Dual registration of animals acceptable to the Illawarra Breed Standards will be allowed.

The XYZ system was dispensed with after the closure of the 2010 Herd Book.

To carry out online registration of Illawarra cattle click on the following link:

Download a copy of the Registration Policy HERE.

Updated 19.02.23

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