Victoria's Red Cow On Farm Challenge sponsored by Genetics Australia and CrazyCow has been completed with Geoff Williams (Treeton, SA) officiating.  This competition is going from strength to strength with entries increasing again this year.  Justin and Brooke Evans took the top gong of Overall Champion with Three Creeks Honeymoon 3 with both the reserve champion and honourable mention going to Michael Tuhan and the Riversleigh stud.

1st     Garry Mills - Pintara Swan Queen 2 (R Facet)
2nd      Erin Ferguson - Lara Fernleaf 18 (Llandovery Playmaker)
3rd     James Breen - Hazelmont Viscount Buddy (VISCOUNT)
4th     J&B Evans- Belagio Sherbert (LG Belagio)
5th    James Breen - Tralee Premier Madge (BP Premier)
6th    James Breen - Hazelmont Joker (VISCOUNT)

CLASS 2: 2 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born on or after 1/1/2012) - 51 ENTRIES
1st    J&B Evans - Three Creeks Blossom (MITCHPRESS)
2014 Vic OFC 2yr winner
2nd    Erin Ferguson - Lara Twister Glady (HS Twister)
3RD    Erin Ferguson - Lara Foske Megan (VFOSKE)
4th    Jason Smith - Baromi Zumba Elegance (MV Zumba)
5th    Jamie Noonan - Next Generation Pleasure Laurel (BOSPLEASURE)
6th    Garry Mills - Pintara Cherry Plum 2 (R Facet)
7th    Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Vprince Tulip 12 (VPRINCE)
8th    Garry Mills - Pintara Spike Plane (R Facet)
9th    B&R Warburton - Glen Meadow Phonnix 1208 (GM Regal)
10th    Garry Mills - Pintara Biddy Beauty 2 (Haithabu)

CLASS 3:  3 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2011-31/12/2011) 38  ENTRIES
1st    J&B Evans - Three Creeks Honeymoon 3 (ISPIMP) - Photo below.
2nd    R&M Newton - Ovensdale Rose 163 (O Jennys Marcel)
3rd    R&M Newton - Ovensdale Buttercup 330 (O Scarlets Lord)
4th    B&R Warburton - Glen Meadow Ruby 1110 (PS Contender)
5th    R&A Heath - Amor Viscount Cocktail (VISCOUNT)
6th    B&R Warburton - Glen Meadow Pidgeon 1113 (Absolute)
7th    R&A Heath - Amor Viscount Cocktail 2 (VISCOUNT)
8th    Tuhan Family - Llandovery JR Joan 984 (JET RED)
9th    T&U Tidcombe - Wallumlands Rosemary 13 (NLD TRENSETER)
10th    Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Scarlet Dorris 2 (SCARLET)

CLASS 4:  4 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2010-31/12/2010) - 39 ENTRIES
1st    Gordon, Bacon & Govett - Wallumlands Sunstorm 8 (Absolute)
2014 Vic OFC 4yo winner
2nd    R&S Parker - Glencliffe Princess 570 (LANDMINE)
3rd    T&E Hayes - Llandovery Absolutes Topsy 905 (Absolute)
4th    R&K Bailey - Tralee Jetred Duchess (Jetred)    
5th    Greg Goulding - 964 (S Adam)
6th    T&E Hayes - Llandovery MC Pride 887 (ISMC)
7th    S Snowdon - Meriben Park Bronto 2263
8th    R&K Bailey - Lemon Grove Buttercup 332 (LG Relix)
9th    T&U Tidcombe - Glencliffe Mayflower 574 (Llandovery Snapper)
10th    G Goudling- Johville Park Hayley 934 (Syd Frem)

CLASS 5:  5 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2009-31/12/2009) 29  ENTRIES
1st    Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Empire Belle 13 (LANDOVER) - Photo below
2nd    R&S Parker - Glencliffe Princess 508 (Glencliffe Jaistar)
3rd    J&B Evans - Three Creeks Fanta (ACADEMYADAM)
4th    Sam Fitzsimmons - Lemon Grove Buttercup 328 (Kakadu)
5th    B&R Warburton - Glen Meadow Veralyn 2951(GM Stadel)
6th    T&E Hayes - Llandovery Redliners Pride 697 (Redliner)
7th    R&V Read - Lincolndell Bl Vision (ISBLACKBLITZ)
8th    T Humphris - Long Road O’Brolin Swisse (OBROLIN)
9th    Jason Smith - Baromi HTulip Rossette (HTULIP)
10th    Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Kitkat Flower 14 (KITKATBOY)

CLASS 6 – MATURE COW (born prior to 1/1/2009) 42  ENTRIES
1st    Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Tulip 10 (Helix) - Photo below
2nd    Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Jean 9 (Beltana Triple R)
3rd    R&M Newton - Ovensdale Jenny 80 (REDMONARCH)
4th    Tuhan Family - Warrawee Park Gladys 7 (C Resurrect)
5th    Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Belle 12 (Beltana Triple R)
6th    T&U Tidcombe - Wallumlands Blush 4 (REDMONARCH)
7th    S Snowdon - Meriben Park Hales (Vest Delta)
8th    T&U Tidcombe - Wallumlands Margaret 9
9th    Tim Taylor - D22 (Oda-Best)
= 10th    R&R Taylor - 31 Bundarra Calm 14 (Silverleigh Calypso)
= 10th      R&S Parker - Glencliffe Princess 404 (Redman)

OVERALL CHAMPION:       Three Creeks Honeymoon 3
2014 Vic OFC Champ 1 2014 Vic OFC Champ 2
RESERVE CHAMPION:    Riversleigh Tulip 10
2014 Vic OFC Res Champ
HONORABLE MENTION:     Riversleigh Empire Belle 13
2014 Vic OFC Hon Ment

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