The 2014 New South Wales Red On Farm Challenge sponsored by Genetics Australia, has been finalised with Tom and Kylie Cochrane's Kangawarra Pretty 3012 (Fyn Aks) taking out Champion Cow under Judge, Jenny Gray.  Ms Gray placed Pretty first in the Mature Cow class before naming her her overall champion.  Pretty was named Reserve Champion Cow at the recent Illawarra & Southern Spring Fair.

CLASS 1: 2 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born on or after 1/1/2012) (27 ENTRIES)
1st     T&K Cochrane - Kangawarra Jewel 3912 (Kangawarra Jimbo)
2nd    T Biffin - Woodburn Park Gypsy Bear (Pasch Prince Balthazar)
3rd     R&B Graham - Beaulands Foske Birdie (VFOSKE)
4th     R&C Lucas - Sherringham Sarah 3 (Llandovery Dynamic)
5th     T&N Cochrane - Eagle Park Charlie Flora (Kangawarra Charlie)
6th     R&B Graham - Beaulands Fastrup Birdie (R Fastrup)
7th     T&K Cochrane - Kangawarra Elaine 3910 (Kangawarra Jimbo)
8th     EMAI - 3093 (Lland Verbs Viscount)
9th     P Ringland - Viewmount Ivy 34 (Silverleigh MC)
10th   T&S Blasche - Fairy Vale 623 Hannah (ARBHilly)

CLASS 2: 3 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2011-31/12/2011) (31 ENTRIES)
1st     P Ringland - Viewmount Blossom 18 (Treeton Pingerly)
2nd    P Ringland - Viewmount Little Patch 22 (Blackwood Park Dan)
3rd     T&K Cochrane - Kangawarra Stella 3713 (Lemon Grove Bygold)
4th     J & A Henry - Charcoal Bettina (Viscount)
5th     T & N Cochrane - Eagle Park Landover Clarie (Jinnys Empire)
6th     R & B Graham - Beaulands Bangkok Spangle (Bangkok)
7th     T & N Cochrane - Eagle Park Morton Flower (Kangawarra Morton)
8th     T Biffin - Woodburn Park Dotty (Wroughton Lord Winston)
9th     T&S Blasche - Fairy Vale 555 Jennifer (Dragomir)
10th   Bailey family - Crooked River Lucy (ABSBeaulands)

CLASS 3: 4 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2010-31/12/2010)  (19 ENTRIES)
1st     J Norman - Storman Jinny Jean (Jinnys Empire)
2nd    T & K Cochrane - Kangawarra Jewel 3588 (Kangawarra Butternut)
3rd     R Russell - Jelgowry Anz
4th     R&B Graham - Beaulands Bangkok Sunstorm (Bangkok)
5th     R Russell - Jelgowry Honey
6th     T&K Cochrane - Kangawarra Gabbie 3693 (Treeton Pimp)
7th     T & K Cochrane - Kangawarra Hope 3692 (Silverleigh Monarch)    
8th     W Gallagher - Myola Xena 25 (Siverleigh Monarch)
9th     R Russell - Jelgowry Daisy 7
10th   M&R Warnes - Creighton Park Fussy

CLASS 4:  5 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2009-31/12/2009)  (15 ENTRIES)
1st     W Gallagher - Moyola Coral 75 (Venvale Prudino)
2nd    W Gallagher - Riverwood Model 4 (Jinnys Empire)
3rd     W Gallagher - Moyola Dianne 53 (Moyola Robbie Raider)
4th     P Ringland - Mount View Penny 17 (Jinnys Empire)
5th     R Russell - Jelgowry Lilly 2
6th     R & B Graham - Beaulands Delta Margaret (Vest Delta)
7th     T & S Blasche - Fairy Vale 479 Carmen (GGArena)
8th     T &K Cochrane - Kangawarra Myrtle 3514 (Blackwood Park Blitz)
9th     R& C Lucas - Sherringham Cherry (Clarefield Mocha)
10th   T& N Cochrane - Kangawarra Pretty 3385 (Bygold)

CLASS 5: MATURE COW (born prior to 1/1/2009)  (26 ENTRIES)
1st     T&K Cochrane - Kangawarra Pretty 3012 (Fyn Aks)
2nd    R&B Graham - Beaulands Lens Birdie (K Lens)
3rd     R Russell - Jelgowry Fussy 2
4h      R&B Graham - Beaulands Frem Cassie (Syd Frem)
5th     T&S Blasche - Fairy Vale 406 Tanya (ARB Ralph)
6th     M&R Warnes - Sugarwarra Plum
7th     T&K Cochrane - Kangawarra Gladys 2655 (Glenbrook Startrump)
8th     C Fahey - Mountain Farm Thelma 9 (Waterside CherryChamp)
9th     R & C Lucas - Sherringham Wanda (Kangawarra Wayne)
10th   W Gallagher - Moyola Maggie 60 (Jinnys Empire)

OVERALL CHAMPION:   Kangawarra Pretty 3012 (pictured below)


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