Entry numbers for the 2015 Shepparton Show were a little down on past years but there was still a quality line up of animals on display for judge Mr Trever Coburn to place and comment on.  With ideal weather conditions and a return to an outdoor arena with newly returfed grounds, this helped attract a bigger audience from the general public.

Teams from Riversleigh and Llandovery Illawarras were evenly matched with the Hayes family winning the major ribbons in the junior category with Lemon Grove Honeymoon 46 and reserve junior champion with Llandovery LB Betty 1487.

In the intermediate category the Tuhan family won the intermediate champion award with their winning two-year-old, Riversleigh Zeus Stella 20. The reserve intermediate champion was the winning three-year-old Llandovery Blushs Queenette.

The senior champion cow was awarded to the winning four-year-old cow from the Tuhan family’s stud - Riversleigh Scarlet Dorris 2 which also won the best udder class. The reserve champion cow also came from the four year old class, Llandovery JR Joan 891. Honourable mention was the winner of the mature cow class Alston Distrigene Madeline.

Heifer born on or after 1/1/15
1.    Hayes Family – Llandovery LB Betty 1487 s. Wallamlands LB Monarch
2.    Tuhan Family – Riversleigh Pingerly Dorris 4 s. Treeton Pingerly
3.    Hayes Family – Llandovery Blushs Model 1469 s. Wallamlands Blushs Savard

Heifer born 1/7/14 – 31/12/14
1.    Hayes Family – Llandovery Blushs Verbena 1452 s. Wallamlands Blushs Savard
2.    Tuhan Family – Riversleigh Belagio Gladys 4 s. Lemon Grove Belagio
Heifer born 1/1/14 – 30/6/14
1.    Hayes Family – Lemon Grove  Honeymoon 46 s. Lemon Grove Belagio

Junior Champion: Lemon grove Honeymoon 46 – Hayes Family
Reserve Junior champion: Llandovery LB Betty 1487 – Hayes Family
Honourable Mention: Riversleigh Pingerly Dorris 4 – Tuhan Family

Heifer 2.5 years in milk, born 1/1/13 – 30/6/13
1.    Tuhan Family – Riversleigh Zeus Stella 20 s. Purple Idalee RR Zeus
2.    Hayes Family -  Cherrylock Maldas Pride s. Llandovery Prides Prophet

Cow 3 years in milk born 1/7/12 – 31/12/12
1.    Hayes Family – Llandovery Blushs Queenette 1183 s. Wallamlands Blushs Savard

Intermediate Champion: Riversleigh Zeus Stella 20 – Tuhan Family
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Llandovery Blushs Queenette 1183 – Hayes Family
Honourable Mention: Cherrylock Maldas Pride – Hayes Family

Cow 4 years in milk, born 1/7/11 – 30/6/12
1.    Tuhan Family – Riversleigh Scarlets Dorris 2 s. Ovensdale Scarlets Marcel
2.    Hayes Family – Llandovery JR Joan 981 s. Jet Red
3.    Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Prince Tulip 12

Cow 7 years & over in milk, born before 1/7/09
1.    Tuhan Family – Alston Distrigene Madeline s. Carrousel Distrigene

Senior Champion: Riversleigh Scarlets Dorris 2 – Tuhan Family

Shep 15 Champ Cow lr
Reserve Senior Champion: Llandovery JR Joan 981 – Hayes Family
Honourable Mention: Alston Distrigene Madeline – Tuhan Family


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