The 2015 Victorian Red Cow on Farm challenge saw a total of one hundred and sixty three cows judged over a period of six days throughout the three dairying regions of Victoria. The judge was Janette Falls of Pasadena Jerseys Finley NSW. Sixty people attended the awards dinner night at Shepparton RSL club along with representatives from our valued sponsors including Genetics Australia, Crazy Cow in print ant Fonterra Australia.

Janette said the quality of the cattle was outstanding with many cows scoring very high but still missing out on a top ten placing.

The Tuhan family from Riversleigh Illawarras had a red hot competition winning three of the six classes and going on to win champion cow with their three year old entry Riversleigh Prince Tulip 12. It is worth noting also that her ET sister also placed fifth in the same class. Reserve was Three Creeks Honeymoon 3, with the Tuhan families winning two year old Riversleigh Zeus Stella 20 winning honourable mention cow.

1st D&N Collins - Mikhaela Buttercup 3 (Mapleton Valley Zumba)
2nd R&S Parker - Glencliffe Carlee 691 (VISCOUNT)
3rd Erin Ferguson - Lara Pride Fernleaf (Llandovery Playmaker)
4th J&B Evans - Belagio Sherbert (LG Belagio)
5th Erin Ferguson - Lemon Grove Kakadu Ellanda (LG Kakadu)
6th James Breen - Hazelmont Treble Sunset (ROYALTREBLE)
7th James Breen Hazelmont Empire Comet (LANDOVER)
8th D&T Gaut 615 (ARBJIM)
9th D&A Martin Glenroy Izzy 2261 (J Valon)
10th Garry Mills Pintara Swan Queen 2 (R Facet)

CLASS 2: 2 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born on or after 1/1/2013) - 37 ENTRIES
1st Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Zeus Stella 20 (RR Zeus)

Vic OFC 15 2yrs HM Riversleigh Zeus Stella 20

2nd R&M Newton - Ovensdale Rose 182 (O Jennys Contender)
3rd Tim O’Loughlin - Bundarra Lillium 6 (LG Belagio)
4th D Patterson & M Tuhan - Riversleigh Alston Myride (ISPIMP)
5th Paul Cocksedge - Paco Tableau Jackie 140 (GGTABLEAU)
6th R&A Heath - Amor Bonjovi Cocktail (ARBBONJOVI)
7th R&S Parker - Glencliffe Dahlia 726 (SCARLET)
8th James Breen - Llandovery Vigil Kay (L Jets Vigil)
9th R&A Heath - Amor Bonjovi Cocktail 2 (ARBBONJOVI)
10th Maddie Monk - Ovensdale Scarlet 299 (ISMC)

CLASS 3: 3 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2012-31/12/2012) - 33 ENTRIES
1st Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Prince Tulip 12 (VPRINCE) - pictured below bottom.
2nd J&B Evans - Three Creeks Blossom 21 (LG Belagio)
3rd J&B Evans - Three Creeks Rosarian 5 (Redliner)
4th Erin Ferguson - Lara Twister Gladys (HS Twister)
5th Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Prince Tulip 11 (VPRINCE)
6th Hayes Family - Llandovery Blush’s Queenette(WBLUSH)
7th James Breen - Llandovery Blush’s Jinny (WBLUSH)
8th R&A Heath - Amor Bobdown Cocktail (ARBBOBDOWN)
9th Garry Mills - Pintara Biddy Beauty 2 (Haithabu)
10th Hayes Family Llandovery MC Pride 1073 (ISMC)

CLASS 4: 4 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2011-31/12/2011) - 28 ENTRIES
1st J&B Evans - Three Creeks Honeymoon 3 (ISPIMP)

Vic OFC 15 4yrs Res Champ Three Creeks Honeymoon 3

2nd C Rapley & G Gordon - Llandovery JR Joan 982 (Jetred)
3rd B&R Warburton - Glen Meadow Pigeon (Absolute)
4th Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Scarlet Dorris 2 (SCARLET)
5th R&A Heath - Amor Viscount Cocktail 2 (VISCOUNT)
6th Warburton & Phillips - Dynamic Pam (GM Regal)
7th R&M Newton - Ovensdale Buttercup 330 (O Scarlets Lord)
8th Hayes Family - Llandovery JR Joan 981 (Jetred)
9th R&A Heath - Amor Viscount Cocktail (VISCOUNT)
10th B&R Warburton - Glen Meadow Fancy 68 (GM Pernado)

CLASS 5: 5 YEAR OLD IN MILK (born 1/1/2010-31/12/2010) - 20 ENTRIES
1st R&M Newton - Ovensdale Scarlet 255 (ISPIMP)

Vic OFC 15 5yrs Ovensdale Scarlet 255

2nd Hayes Family - Llandovery MC Pride 887 (ISMC)
3rd Hayes Family - Llandovery MC Emma 873 (ISMC)
4th Paul Rae - Tralee Misty Lindsay (MB Redliner)
5th James Breen - Tralee Viscount Handsome (VISCOUNT)
6th R&K Bailey - Tralee Viscount Jinny (VISCOUNT)
7th B&R Warburton - Glen Meadow Tartan 50 (GM Romeo)
8th D&N Collins - Erindale Nadines Diana 5 (LANDOVER)
9th Hayes Family - Llandovery Ja-bobs Freda 802 (L Ja-bob Sam)
10th J&B Evans - Kakadu Firefly (LG Kakadu)

CLASS 6 – MATURE COW (born prior to 1/1/2010) - 29 ENTRIES
1st Tuhan Family - Riversleigh Empire Belle 13 (LANDOVER)

Vic OFC 15 Mature Riversleigh Empire Belle 13

2nd J&B Evans - Llandovery Jabobs Verbena (L Jabobs Sam)
3rd D Patterson & M Tuhan - Alston Distrigene Madeline (Distrigene)
4th B&R Warburton - Warrawee Park Gladys 10 (C Resurrect)
5th R&M Newton - Ovensdale Jenny 80 (REDMONARCH)
6th Hayes Family - Llandovery Ja-bob Duchess (L Ja-bob Sam)
7th R&S Parker - Glencliffe Princess 404 (Redman)
8th Sam Fitzsimmons - Lemon Grove Buttercup 328 (LG Kakadu)
9th Hayes Family - Llandovery Empires Freda 378 (LANDOVER)
10th James Breen - Tralee Debonair Special (Debonair)

OVERALL CHAMPION: Riversleigh Prince Tulip 12 (Tuhan Family)
Vic OFC 15 Overall Champ lr   Vic OFC 15 Presentation lr

Pictured:  Riversleigh Prince Tulip 12 with on right owner, Michael Tuhan (middle) with Gerard Collins of Genetics Australia & Judge, Janete Falls. 

RESERVE CHAMPION: Three Creeks Honeymoon 3 (J & B Evans)

HONORABLE MENTION: Riversleigh Zeus Stella 20 (Tuhan Family)

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