2022 Agri-Gene Real Australian Photographic Competition

Each year, the Illawarra Cattle Society of Australia runs the AGRI-GENE Real Australian Photographic Competition, with class winners going on to compete in the World Competition.

Following are the selections made by the Society's Photographic Competition Committee, from photographs taken in 2022.

Three Years and Under Class

Eagle Park Sunstorm Jean 6004 R    Ferrum Montagna Rose R       Eagle Park Sunstorm Jean 6004 (Sire: BORBRO BT SUNSTORM SUPREME)                       Ferrum Montagna Rose (Sire: RIVERSLEIGH ALSTON MONTAGNA)

Kangawarra Lady 6433 R    Riversleigh Blush Tulip 26 R     Kangawarra Lady 6433 (Sire: KANGAWARRA CHARLIE)                                                          Riversleigh Blush Tulip 26 (Sire: WALLUMLANDS BLUSHS SAVARD)

Four to Five Years in Milk Class

Codas Maxima R    Glenbrook Razzle 17 R   Codas Maxima Sarah (Sire: SILVERLEIGH MAXIMA)                                                               Glenbrook Razzle 17  (Sire: LLANDOVERY STELLS SECRET)

 Glenbrook Thorn 34 R    Glenhaven-Mima-3-R.jpg        Glenbrook Thorn 34 (Sire: LLANDOVERY STELLS SECRET)                                                   Glenhaven Mima 3 (Sire:  LLANDOVERY PRESTO) 

Kangawarra Buttercup 6110 R    Riversleigh Treleven Jean 28 R   Kangawarra Buttercup 6110 (Sire: EAGLE PARK MANU)                                                            Riversleigh Treleven Jean 28 (Sire: RIVERSLEIGH TRELEVEN)

 Mature Cow Class

Bluechip Absolute Pamala R    Eagle Park Maxima Heather R         Bluechip Absolute Pamela (sire: APPLES ABSOLUTE-ET-RED (HF) (USA))                            Eagle Park Maxima Heather (Sire: SILVERLEIGH MAXIMA)

Eagle Park SM Heather 4621 R    Llandovery JR Joan 982 R         Eagle Park SM Heather 4621 (Sire: SILVERLEIGH MAXIMA)                                                  Llandovery JR Joan 982 (Sire: FRADON JET-ET-RED-TL-TV (CAN) (HF)

Panorama Angeline 48th R    Riversleigh Scarlet Dorris 2 R           Panorama Angeline 48th (Sire: PANORAMA CLASSIC)                                                           Riversleigh Scarlet Dorris 2 (Sire: OVENSDALE SCARLETS MARCEL)

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