2023 All Breeds Educational Dairy Youth Camp


Forty students aged from 10 years – 17 years attend the 4-day Educational Dairy Youth Camp. Some students brought their heifers, with the majority supplied with a suitable heifer generously provided by “Eachamvale”, “Millaa View”, “Raschoda” & “Ourway” Studs.

Tutors were Phil Hentschke from South Australia (Judging), Kelvin Cochrane from Gympie (Clipping), Paul Newland of Malanda (Parading) & Colin Daley (Use of the Microphone). Two past participants, Terese Daley and Patrick English (Cascade Illawarras) assisted Paul & Kelvin with the sessions.

The All-Breeds Educational Dairy Youth Camp is not all about preparing your heifer. We inform students in other areas – the local Ambulance & Police Officers attended to speak on first aid & mobile phone safety. The local snake catcher brought along a selection of snakes while another past student, Anthony Ball gave us an insight into his journey from a young lad exhibiting his heifer to becoming a very successful auctioneer.

The highlight was the All-Breeds Calf Day, where students paraded the heifers, they had clipped, trained and prepared before the Judge, Phil Hentschke. A large gallery of parents and spectators was present on the day. Sixty-Five heifers across the 6 dairy breeds were exhibited – Illawarra, Red & White Holstein, Guernsey, Jersey, Brown Swiss & Black & White Holstein.

The students gained valuable lessons in Teamwork, Problem Solving, Responsibility, Patience, Sportsmanship & Organisational Skills – aptitudes they can use every single day. They also gained a belief in themselves.

A huge thank you to the many sponsors of this wonderful camp. While some provided merchandise and products, others offered financial support which was used to pay for tutor airfares, feed for the calves and the many, many other costs associated with this camp.

Joint Students of the Camp – Erin Burtenshaw and Mary English

Runner-up Student of the Camp – Frances English

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